The WinReducerOS website is very easy to use with :

- a modern design

- an integrated forum

- an integrated member area

- and a lot of translated content

So, get ready to enter in a new world ... this is the first multilingual website dedicated to a customization software !

With the website, you are able to:

- read information about the project and the software

- download the software and all dedicated resources

- join the wonderful WinReducerOS Community

- discuss with other users

- access to a multilingual help center

- contribute to the development of the WinReducer Project using the "WinReducerOS Store"

In each website page, there are 4 functionalities :

- the navigation bar

- the website name

- the language and member area bar

- the page name

Let's describe all of these different elements.

The navigation bar

It provides shortcut links to all website main pages :

The Home page : latest official project news

The Download page : official software and resources download links

The Forum page : official forum to discuss with the members community

The Help Center page : official website, software, forum or project tutorials or information

The Store page : official store to get a license to contribute to the project development

The website name

Nothing specific to say here, only an answer to this question : why the name is WinReducerOS ?

The explanation is simple :

- for WinReducer Operating System : to represent the possibility to adapt or create an entire operating system based on Microsoft Windows

- for the second generation of WinReducer software : the 2 additional letters, "O" and "S", symbolize this evolution

The language and member area bar

The Language menu : you can switch to another supported language to view all website translated content



If your language is not available in the language bar list, this means that it is not supported for the moment.


If you are interested to become an official translator for the WinReducer Project, please have a look in this page :

The log In menu : with it you can access to the website member area if you are already a website member ... or access to the registration page to become a website member to discuss with other forum members.

If you are interested to become a website member and want to learn more about the website registration page, please have a look in this page :

The page name

It displays the page name when you are navigating in the WinReducerOS website.


It also supports multilingual content.

How to report website ideas or errors

If you have an idea or discover an error in the website, please have a look in this page to get the forum link to report it :

How to share your impressions about the website

If you want to share your point of view about the website, please have a look in this page to get the forum link :

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