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The "WinReducer Store" was created on 06 October 2014, inside the famous website, in order to help the WinReducer Project and winterstorm2050, the creator and only developer, to continue proposing improvements to the website, the forum and the software.

The status of free software was assumed since the beginning of the WinReducer Project on 04 October 2012 and remained unchanged during all these past years.


One important piece of the WinReducer Project free system is to be absolutely independent of major companies or any outside parties influence ! All decisions are taken by the only developer, winterstorm2050, enlightened by all reports, requests and discussions from all teams members, forum members or users.


So ... THANK YOU VERY MUCH ... to all of you who contributed, are contributing and will contribute to help the WinReducer Project growing. Because after all these years, the WinReducer Project is still alive and always evolving with a new innovative trajectory : WinReducerOS.


==> The WinReducerOS website and software still remains completely free and 100% guarantee :

- without functionalities limitation

- without time limitation

- without ads

- without data monetization

- without embedded monetization system

==> You are also free to contribute, or not ... but all contributions are welcome :

- becoming a WinReducerOS Forum member to share your ideas, requests, reports, knowledge ...

- becoming an official WinReducerOS Community Team member

- becoming an official WinReducerOS Translators Team member

- using the "WinReducer Store"

The "WinReducer Store" is integrated into the WinReducerOS website and is only dedicated to the WinReducer Project, in order to allow self-financing completely independent of any external influences, resources or platforms.

With the "WinReducer Store" you are able to help the Project using various possibilities :

- get special "Goodies"

- get special software licenses

- get special wallpapers editions

==> the main purpose is to contribute to the financial support of the WinReducer Project for :

- the maintenance of the software

- the maintenance of the website

- keeping a free software in a long term development process

- keeping an ads free website in a long term development process

- the time spent by winterstorm2050 to build, create and develop this wonderful Project

... and also for the huge quantity of coffee needed !

All prices are available in a very wide range of amounts to allow each user to contribute to the WinReducer Project.

==> from 0.90€ to 999.90€

==> so don't hesitate to choose how you want to contribute to the WinReducer Project :

by winterstorm2050


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