WinReducerOS Purpose


WinReducerOS is the acronym of "WinReducer Operating System", and can be named as "WROS".


This is the most evolved WinReducer Software which provides an unlimited collection of customization possibilities to help you create the most beautiful, powerful and perfect Windows Operating System.

​​​WinReducerOS is the answer to the missing piece of all modern Operating Systems : let the user become the creator, developer and designer of its own Operating System.


Get back the control of your Operating System and feel the original PC philosophy.

Don't be afraid to "Unleash your Creativity" with WinReducerOS !

WinReducerOS Philosophy


WinReducerOS is an easy to use, fully customizable and 100% privacy compliant software to help you achieve your purpose without worries.

An easy to use software with an integrated "Editor" mode based on the "WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)" approach. This is accessible without programming skills and does not require to be an advanced programmer to make your ideas come alive and real. No matter if you are a beginner user, an advanced user (with skills), a designer, a programmer, a project manager ... WinReducerOS brings you all the necessary tools to help you create all your customized Operating System projects : from the most simple to the most complex !

A fully customizable software : with multiple built-in options in the "Editor eXtreme Toolbox" for many applicable areas :

- "Editor eXtreme Toolbox" : create easily your own WinReducerOS modules based on all WinReducerOS Tools

- "Contact eXtreme Toolbox" : manage your personal/professional contacts the way you want

- "Multimedia eXtreme Toolbox" : manage audio, video, media-center and picture (encode, read, listen, view, capture)

- "Office eXtreme Toolbox" : configure and update MS Office

- "Protection eXtreme Toolbox" : flexible backup, hash and encryption for your files or folders

- "Shell eXtreme Toolbox" : a powerful replacement shell for the Windows Operating System system interface

- "Windows eXtreme Toolbox" : configure and update MS Windows

A fully privacy compliant software : this ensures to respect you and your computer, it is 100% guarantee :

- without data collected

- without integrated or hidden adware, spyware or virus
- without integrated or hidden monetization system

==> Since the beginning of the WinReducer Project, in 2012, my commitments to you, about your privacy, still remain the same.

The fully privacy also extends to the website, forum and member area which are 100% compliant "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" with your right to be forgotten (all your user data permanently deleted) and your data access (request a copy of your user data). You can claim these user rights using the Privacy link in the Help Center page.

With WinReducerOS, becoming the architect of your own Operating System is within everyone's reach !

WinReducerOS Modules


What's a "WinReducerOS Module" ?

This is a WinReducerOS window entirely created by you, with the integrated "Editor eXtreme Toolbox" using all options provided by all "WinReducerOS Tools" in order to add missing tasks (or options) to your own Operating System.

You can create various "WinReducerOS Modules" type :

- one Module for one task

- one Module for several tasks

- several Modules for several tasks


You are able to merge all options provided by all 'WinReducerOS Tools" inside one Module ... for example, you can create a "WinReducerOS Module" with all options provided by the "Office eXtreme Toolbox" and the "Windows eXtreme Toolbox" : to design and create the ultimate MS Office and MS Windows customization tool !


The "WinReducerOS Module" architecture is built to be :

- Accessible = to all user skills

- Creative = to make all users ideas real

- Efficient = to answer to all users needs

- Flexible = to bring an unlimited number of possibilities

- Unique = to build exclusive Modules never seen before


From the most simple idea to the most complex project, WinReducerOS is the most efficient solution to help you !


WinReducerOS Release Schedule

WinReducerOS versions are released using a specific monthly schedule :

- Day 01 = For "ALL" users

- Day 07 = For "ViP" users

- Day 14 = For "ViP" users

- Day 21 = For "ViP" users

- Day 28 = For "ViP" users

There are also specific exceptions for the monthly schedule :

- For "ALL" users = more intermediate versions can be released : to solve major bugs or for security reasons

- For "ViP" users = more intermediate versions can be released : to solve major bugs, for security reasons, to release new functionalities or to test beta versions

This schedule is for information only, and may evolve without warnings, notifications or public information.


WinReducerOS Versions

WinReducerOS software versions are released with a specific versions naming using :

- a year

- an incremented number

- a number for "ALL" ("0") and "ViP" ("1")

- a number for "stable version" ("0") and for "beta version" ("1")

For example :

- a WinReducerOS version released on "Day 01" of January 2020 for "ALL" users = "v2020.1.0.0"

- a WinReducerOS version released on "Day 28" of January 2020 for "ViP" users = "v2020.5.1.0"

- a WinReducerOS version released on "Day 07" of January 2021 for "ViP" users = "v2021.2.1.0"

- a WinReducerOS version released on "Day 07" of March 2021 for "ALL" users = "v2021.12.0.0"

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++ Unleash + your + Creativity ++

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