The Project

The WinReducer Project was created in 2012, by winterstorm2050, to bring new customization tools for all Windows Operating System (from Windows 7 to Windows 10).

The WinReducer name is an acronym for "Windows Reduction for a User".

Over the years, the WinReducer Project provided to all users many different software solution to achieve various MS Windows customization tasks.

* From 2009 to 2012 :

- RT7-Booster

* In 2012, the official website and forum was launched at

* From 2012 to 2015 :

- WinReducer 7.0

- WinReducer 8.0

- WinReducer 8.1

- WinReducer 10.0, the first Windows 10 customization software

- WinReducer Logo Changer

- WinReducer Wim Converter

- WinReducer Wlan Backup & Restore

​​* In 2015, the WinReducer "ES-Series" and "EX-Series" have been released with :

- WinReducer ES - File Validator

- WinReducer ES - Logo Changer

- WinReducer ES - Wim converter

- WinReducer ES - Wlan Backup & Restore

- WinReducer EX-70

- WinReducer EX-80

- WinReducer EX-81

- WinReducer EX-100

* In 2020, ​the WinReducer Project evolved with major changes to propose :

- a new software : WinReducerOS

- a new website and forum : with a multilingual support

Since the beginning of the WinReducer Project, the most valuable basis is all knowledge shared between all users from beginners to expert in order to bring the best performance for every users or computers ... and no compromise is or will be made regarding your privacy : all your data remain confidential for ever.

So, do not hesitate to share your reports, feedback, ideas or everything you want in the Forum ... because all together, the WinReducerOS Moderators Team, the WinReducerOS Translators Team, the WinReducerOS Forum Community Members and winterstorm2050 ...we  will be more than happy to welcome you in the WinReducerOS Community !


Bring always more evolution to the WinReducer Project is our passion !

by winterstorm2050



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