Member Area

The Member Area is a reserved area only accessible if you are a registered member of the WinReducerOS website.

Once registered, you have access to :

- your personal member area

- your member profile page to add something about you, all other members can read

- follow other members

- be informed about new activities of other members

- the forum to discuss with other forum membesr or the WinReducerOS Teams

- get exclusive content or information for the website, the Forum and the Software

... more options will be available in the future


Let's start with the Member Area "Sign In" and "Log In" explanations :

==> STEP 1


The Member Area registration process is very simple, you just need to follow this step by step tutorial.

You will find in top of each website pages :

- the language bar, on the left side

- the "Log In" menu, on the right side

The first thing, to do, is to choose a language in the language bar

 Then, you can click the "Log In" menu



If your language is not available in the language bar list, this means that it is not supported for the moment.


If you are interested to become an official translator for the WinReducer Project, please have a look in this page :

==> STEP 2

After the Step 1, you will see the "Log In" page.

You just have to click on the "Sign Up" link (for new member to the site) in order to continue with your Member Area registration ... and jump directly to Step 3 of this tutorial.

P.S. : If you are already a registered member, please consult the "IMPORTANT" notice below.



The "Log In" page is only used to connect you to your Member Area. To proceed, you just have to enter :

- your registration email

- your password

The option "Forgot password ?" can be used if you want to change or forget your password.

If there are no errors, you will be automatically connected to your Member Area, then you will see in the top right login menu, in each website pages :

- a notification icon

- your member logo

- your username

If you click on your username you will see a menu which contains two options :

- Profile : to access to your personal Member Area profile page

- Log Out : if you want to disconnect and leave your member area

==> If you need more assistance to configure or use your Member Area, you will find a "HELP" link in your personal Member Area profile :

WinReducerOS Member Area Registration

==> STEP 3

Congratulations, you reach the final step for your member registration.

You must complete the field :

- Username

- Email

- Password

- I agree to the Privacy Policy

- I agree to the Terms of Use

==> if you do not complete these fields, an error message will be displayed, and you will not be able to continue with your member registration.

==> for your safety, you should never use an identical password for several website or forum identification



The field "Join the Forum Community" is optional, so you have the choice to join, or to refuse to join, the Forum Community, this means that you will not be able to create new posts or to answer other users posts in the Forum.

If you refuse to join the Forum during the Member Area registration process, you can activate it using the link in your personal member area profile page.


You can find more information in this page :

==> STEP 4

When you are ready to validate your Member Registration, you just need to click on the "Sign In" button.

A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately to confirm your registration.

==> You just need to "Log In" to your personal Member Area.

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