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==> Please read carefully these simple Forum Rules to keep the high quality of the Forum :


- Just One : Use only English language to post your message ... no matter your writing level in English, you will receive an answer (no other languages are supported)


- Just Two : Respect all users in this forum including Members, Moderators and Administrator or Microsoft ! Thank you ...


- Just Three : This is a simple forum to discuss and share experiences about the WinReducerOS Software


- Just Four : Asking, or proposing, for genuine or pirated ISO, download links, cracks, keygen, serial keys ... will expose you to be ban (or deleted account) without warnings


- Just Five : Spam members will be automatically deleted without warnings


==> If you do not respect one of these 5 rules ... your post, your topic or your account will be deleted without warnings !


Thank you very much ... and I wish you to have a great day !





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