The WinReducerOS Forum is very easy to use :

- totally integrated in the website

- a modern design

- a simple interface

You can consult or read the Forum without being a forum member.

If you are interested to become a forum member and want to learn more about the website registration page, please have a look in this page :

By becoming a member of the WinReducerOS Forum Community, you are able to :

- reply to the latest WinReducer Project news

- discuss with all other forum members about a bug

- discuss with all other forum members about your ideas

- discuss with all other forum members about WinReducerOS resources (wallpapers, icons, sounds, ...)

- become an active member of several forum specific projects

==> All Forum discussions are welcome to bring improvements to the WinReducer Project in order to offer the most efficient MS Windows customization solution for all users.

The forum is the only official place to discuss anything you want about the WinReducer Project.

The interface is really simple and efficient, there are 3 functionalities :

- the page name

- the forum interface

- the latest forum activity

Let's describe all of these different elements.

The page name

It shows an important information about the forum : all questions, reports, discussions must be exclusively in English language. No other languages are supported !

Please don't be afraid of this ... we all started, we all made mistakes but we all made progress !

The forum interface

All discussions are regrouped in 4 categories :

- News : read all latest information about the website, the software, the forum, the member area and the project


- WinReducerOS Software : report your bugs, get help or help other members and share your functionality requests


- WinReducerOS Resources : discuss about wallpapers, buttons, icons, sounds, User Interface (UI) and User eXperience (UX), software design, ...


- Off Topic : discuss everything else not related to the WinReducer Project

==> If you want more information about how to use all forum functionalities, please have a look in this page :

The latest forum activity

It shows all latest activities in all forum categories.


A new activity is shown if a forum member :

- creates a new discussion

- posts a reply to an already created discussion

The newest activity is shown as a tile which includes these information :

- the creator username of the discussion

- the creator username badge

- the discussion creation date

- the discussion title

- the number of views

- the number of replies

- the number of likes

Just click in the discussion title to directly open it in the forum to read it. To reply or to like it, you need to be a forum member.

The recent activities are presented by three tiles in each lines and the most recent is on the top left.

==> To check if a new activity is available you need to reload the forum page or hit the "F5" key in your keyboard

How to report forum ideas or errors

If you have an idea or discover an error in the forum, please have a look in this page to get the forum link to report it :

How to share your impressions about the forum

If you want to share your point of view about the forum, please have a look in this page to get the forum link :

How to introduce yourself to other forum members

If you want to say hello to other forum members for the first time and to introduce you to the forum community, please have a look in this page to get the forum link :

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